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Hello all!


Just a little update to let you know that I, Traveling Sam, will be upgrading from a blog to a full, proper website sometime over the summer. There will be lots of content added regularly from my travels near and far as well other fun things that I’m keeping under wraps for now.


I want you to be a part of this website! The personal stories that are shared with me when I visit will make the new website a unique place for kids to learn about individuals from near and far in real time. Please take a moment to print me out and take me with you to school, to work, on your next vacation, anywhere! I want to see what life is like for you in multiple situations, not just when you are doing something special. I highly recommend using cardstock and please, be careful with the hair when you’re cutting me out!


Please send your photos and stories to as you have them and you will get photo and content credit for anything that is used on the site. Please put your location in all caps when you send an email so it will be properly sorted. I look forward to visiting you soon!




Traveling Sam


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup – America

American Flag

This week we are exploring typical winter dishes from around the world. Tonight we visit America and the most common plate you will find in the winter here is tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. There are many recipes for tomato soup, however most people here buy canned which requires that you add milk and warm it up until at a desired temperature. Americans will recognize this iconic image:

tomato soup

Grilled cheese is generally made by putting butter on one side of sliced bread of any kind and placing the buttered side on a griddle before adding cheese of your choice (usually American) and closing it off with the other slice of bread butter side up. You then flip to grill on both sides and melt the cheese.


The soup makes a great dip for the sandwich and together they make a terrific warm, filling meal.

How do you make your grilled cheese and tomato soup?

Until next time,

Traveling Sam xo

Maizena from The Dominican Republic


Good afternoon!

Today I’m bringing you a recipe for staying warm from the Domincan Republic. It is called maizena and it is also common in Puerto Rico. It is commonly eaten for breakfast and is quite delicious! This recipe can be changed quite a bit to suite your tastes. The most important ingredient is the corn starch, that’s what turns the milk into a custard. From there you can add unsweetened cocoa instead of vanilla, almond milk instead of regular milk, the cloves can be skipped altogether etc…


3 tablespoons corn starch

1 tablespoon sugar

dash of cinnamon

2-3 whole cloves

1 tablespoon of vanilla

1 1/2 cups milk

1. Pour the milk into a small pot and add the corn starch. Stir until the corn starch is completely dissolved.


2. Turn the burner on to a medium high heat.


3. Add in vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and sugar and stir slowly for about 10 minutes.

I think that's everything!

I think that’s everything!

4. Your maizena is ready to be taken off the heat about a minute after it begins to bubble and thicken up.

thickening up!

thickening up!

5. Pour into a bowl and let cool for a bit before eating. Maizena is best enjoyed warm.

Remove cloves before eating!

Remove cloves before eating!

I enjoy it exactly like this, however I use almond milk instead of regular. It really adds to the flavor. I hope you enjoy and please keep warm everyone!


Traveling Sam

La Befana!

Hello there! I just can’t seem to let go of Christmas so I wanted to share with you a tradition from Italy that can be traced all the way back to the thirteenth century. It is the legend of La Befana.


The legend of La Befana is that of an old witch lady with a big red nose and slight hunch, dressed in a jacket of colorful patches and she is often pictured with a broom. 

Legend has it that on the 12th night of Christmas (January 5th) the 3 Wise Men, on their search for the baby Jesus, asked La Befana to join them in their quest.   She initially declined, stating she had too much housework to do.   She later changed her mind and went looking for the 3 Wise Men and the baby Jesus, but was unable to find them.
Each year, on the night of January 5th, La Befana will travel on her magic broom to every house in Italy in search of the baby Jesus. She brings candy (“caramele”) or fruit to the children that were good and black coal (“carbone”), onions or garlic to the children that were naughty by climbing down chimneys much like that other guy we know ;-).   The children will leave out their stockings, and even their shoes, hoping to awake on the morning of January 6th to some “caramele”.   Similar to the Santa Claus tradition, many of the children will write notes to “La Befana” and even leave out food and wine for her, even sausages and broccoli in some parts of Italy.

It is a tradition that is still strong in Italy with many stores selling stockings, mostly red, but sometimes even sand-colored, for the children to leave out for “La Befana”.   It is a fairy-tale story of the good witch / bad witch, depending on how you behaved during the past year.   After her arrival, there are many parties and Italians will celebrate going from house to house celebrating the bonds of family and friends.

Here is an Italian nursery rhyme that the children will sing for La Befana


La Befana vien di notte
con le scarpe tutte rotte
col cappello alla romana
viva viva la Befana!

Rough Translation

The Befana comes at night
wearing old broken shoes
dressed in Roman (hat) style
long live la Befana!

There have been many children’s books written about La Befana, however if you are looking to add one to your child’s library I recommend this one by Tomie DePaola.

La Befana

Here is a Pinterest page if you would like to have some fun with this with your kids tomorrow night. Enjoy!

Until next time,

Traveling Sam xo

Daruma Dolls for Goal Focus!


Today I wanted to share with you a Japanese handmade wishing doll called a Daruma. They are perfect for New Year Resolutions because they help you focus on your goals. Learn more here and stop back by to learn how to make one for yourself!

Notice on the above dolls how the eyes are blank? It’s because they are brand new and they need a goal to focus on! When you decide on your goal you choose the color that matches that goal as there are different colors for different types of goals. You then color in one eye and place it where you can see it on a daily basis. Your daruma will be focused on your goal for you, and you will color in the second eye when you meet your goal! Once your goal is acheived, you write that goal on the back of the daruma and start a new doll.

I found a video of how to make your own daruma dolls or you could use the following picture to color a flat one quickly. Remember to use the correct color!


There is also a great children’s book to go along with this craft for young children.


I hope you will use this post to have some fun with your child!

Until next time,

Traveling Sam


A special treat for you if you are cheering for the Steelers tonight. I’m all dressed for a special get together tonight and I’m sharing a printable picture:


Feel free to right click and save to print and use! If you’d rather this outfit than my original look, I’ll be happy to visit you dressed like this instead. There are a couple other options as well, however I’m keeping those under wraps until the season is right. Any requests? My tailor will need to be paid, however I will be be at your door customized for you!


Traveling Sam

New Year Traditions

Happy New Year!

I would like to share some of the photos I received about New Year traditions and I would like to thank those who shared despite not having been visited by me yet.  Remember, you can contribute even if I am not visiting you, I want to hear from everyone!

The first comes from a teacher friend who uses the extra time away from work to watch the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish, usually over 2 days.


It’s done over the holiday break, after Christmas and before returning to work, not necessarily on New Year’s Eve.

Next is from another family that stays comfy and safe at home, ringing in the New Year with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on TV (in America).

NYE Traditions2

Oh look, I did sneak into this one! I must have been extra sleepy because I do not remember being there.

Moving on to Baltimore where shellfish is a must on New Year’s Eve.



And in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvanian Dutch / German tradition of pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day for prosperity in the New Year

NYE Traditions3

How did these food traditions start? I asked myself this question and found this website that not only has the meaning behind the food choices but recipes to make some New Year cookies for yourself. I wish you all a prosperous new year and I hope that I will get to visit you soon!


Traveling Sam