Daruma Dolls for Goal Focus!


Today I wanted to share with you a Japanese handmade wishing doll called a Daruma. They are perfect for New Year Resolutions because they help you focus on your goals. Learn more here and stop back by to learn how to make one for yourself!

Notice on the above dolls how the eyes are blank? It’s because they are brand new and they need a goal to focus on! When you decide on your goal you choose the color that matches that goal as there are different colors for different types of goals. You then color in one eye and place it where you can see it on a daily basis. Your daruma will be focused on your goal for you, and you will color in the second eye when you meet your goal! Once your goal is acheived, you write that goal on the back of the daruma and start a new doll.

I found a video of how to make your own daruma dolls or you could use the following picture to color a flat one quickly. Remember to use the correct color!


There is also a great children’s book to go along with this craft for young children.


I hope you will use this post to have some fun with your child!

Until next time,

Traveling Sam

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